Hat and Blanket

Hat and Blanket


8 thoughts on “Hat and Blanket

  1. This baby set is just lovely. I am happy to have your found your blog and thanks for stopping by mine.

  2. I am so glad Baby Emily received this gorgeous set. I will post beautiful pics of her with these items when her head grows into the hat. She is getting bigger fast so I expect it won’t be too long! Thank you again Brandi for your labor of love.

  3. Brandi, it is good the hat is too big for her now. If you made it for a newborn head size, she would only be able to wear it for a month. The size you made is probably 3-8 months which is perfect because we’ll be heading into fall and winter season by then. You did just fine with the size.

  4. Your so sweet! Thank u! I would love to see her wrapped in the blankie. Do u think u could post a pic of that for me? Or send me one and I will post it? She is so beautiful! I’m so happy for u and Andrew! You are so blessed! !

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