Archive | June 2012

Crochet bumblebee buddies


These are freshly crocheted bumblebee buddies. One is to hang from a car mirror and the other a toy for a toddler. These are the first stuffed buddies I have ever made. I think they are pretty cute;)


Crochet hat


Here is a picture of my beautiful almost daughter in law wearing one of my handmade hats! She makes it look good! Too cute you are little Mel!!

Crochet blanket


I was visiting my aunt last week, when we started talking about sewing and crocheting. All of a sudden she brought out a blanket I had made 15 years ago. I was new to crocheting and seeing this blanket after all these years I must say I was a little impressed. Thanks aunt Judi for loving and cherishing this blanket!!